Definition of professional cloud print

Cloud print is the infrastructure service that allows for the ad-hoc transformation of digital information into physical forms in 2D or 3D, by leveraging networks of production facilities through cloud computing technology.

Benefits of cloud print

Services based on cloud print technology replace a priori mass production by local production on demand, thereby reducing carbon emissions, energy use and the amount of raw materials needed.

By accessing professional print as a shared commodity resource, content owners can avoid the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware, software and processes.

Principles of cloud print

Professional cloud print providers strive to:

  1. Allow any virtual information to be accessible as tangible objects.
  2. Allow clients to connect their service in the simplest way possible.
  3. Allow production facilities to connect in the simplest way possible.
  4. Produce on demand only, to avoid excess stock.
  5. Produce in best-of-breed facilities only, to ensure the highest quality.
  6. Produce locally, to minimize the ecological footprint.

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